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If your device doesn’t power-up, has no picture or sound, chances are it has developed a fault that can be repaired relatively easily and at the fraction of the cost of the new replacement unit.
If it has been liquid damaged it CAN be repaired!
If it has broken parts they CAN be fixed or replaced!

We can repair electronic devices and circuit boards at the component level.
We intensely dislike wasting perfectly good components that end-up in the landfill and pollute our living space.

I fight for the environment – one repaired device at the time.
Graphics Card
Circuit Board Icon
Point-to-point connections
Example of point-to-point connections
> There are various ways to connect all the necessary components to perform the tasks required by your device.

In the old days, due to the manufacturing limitations, components were big and chunky. The devices were large but they were designed to perform only few basic functions and required only handful of parts. It was easy to connect the components directly by wires, creating "point-to-point" connections.
Early Circuitboard
> As the technology progressed, it became possible to manufacture smaller and smaller parts and pack many more of them in much smaller devices. The devices became more complex, performing much greater range of functions. New devices were developed that were not possible earlier. "Point-to-point" connections became cumbersome and not sufficient.

The Circuit Board was invented.
Motherboard close-up
<a href='https://www.freepik.com/photos/background'>Background photo created by xb100 - www.freepik.com</a>
> Nowadays, the components are tiny, often microscopic.
An average circuit board houses hundreds or thousands of them.
The components are connected by copper traces and pads glued to the board and covered with a conformal coating.
This coating (among other functions) helps to protect copper from the elements.
Corroded diode
> The "point-to-point" connections, usually formed in the "mid-air", were very robust and in most cases immune to liquid damage.

On the other hand, circuit boards being "printed" on a solid flat substrate (usually fibreglass) with narrow and thin traces (tracks) and pads, are much more fragile.
Corroded diode
A liquid - especially water - can damage them very quickly, often instantaneously with presence of even very small electric current flowing there.
Even after the power is disconnected from the device, once the corrosion started, it WILL be spreading through the board (under the conformal coating!) and components if not attended to quickly.
The best thing that can be done to STOP corrosion is to eliminate any moisture using pure alcohol (submerge the board in it if necessary). Alcohol can absorb water almost limitless. The Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol, Rubbing Alcohol, IPA) is the best but, if not available, the ethanol (Spirit or clear Vodka) or methanol can be used.

DO NOT USE RICE!!! Rice is good for sushi - not electronics!
Although alcohol will limit the damage done by corrosion, it will not fix it.

The ONLY way to fix it is to thoroughly clean it, repair it if necessary and protect the board for the future.
Corrosion under capacitor
Corroded traces
Apart from a liquid damage, there are many faults that may happen on the circuit board.
Power surge, overheating, accidental wrong connection, mechanical stress or simply end-of-life can cause components to burn, short circuit, crack, dislodge or otherwise stop functioning.
Most often, faulty components include capacitors (especially electrolytic capacitors), diodes, transistors, integrated circuits (ICs or "chips"), resistors, relays and connectors (e.g., charging ports, switches, etc).

I can help to diagnose and repair them.
You can watch me repair water damaged corroded board by clicking this video:
Video showing the repair of liquid damaged board
To watch me repair burned relay click this video:
Video showing the repair of burned relay
0466 544 068
Desktop Computer Icon
> I could help you build your next machine to your exact specifications, using fully compatible parts.
I can show you how to use handpicked components – the best for your needs within your budget.
I can help you to install the Operating System, as well as a handful of especially useful small utility programs, normally not included by other vendors.
Programs, that you would have to hunt on the internet, knowing what you were looking for.
And NO, they are not PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) but small pearls that I - myself use daily.
> If your computer grew a little old or it is not up to your tasks anymore,
you can upgrade it with the best compatible parts that you can afford, tailored to your new needs.
This, being the cheaper option than entirely new machine, has another especially important advantage!
It saves the perfectly good parts from going into a landfill and polluting our planet with harmful waste.
Traditional desktop computer
> If your computer developed a fault and is not working, it is a good chance that it can be repaired!
Rather than replacing the entire Motherboard (and usually an expensive Processor with it) or buying new Power Supply, let me help you and most likely you can repair at the fraction of the cost of the new one.
Modern Gaming Computer with red lights
Picture of a motherboard
Picture of older style computer
> Do you have an unwanted old computer or any other electronic device (dead or alive), gathering dust and
taking up your space?
Unless you use it as a door stop, it almost certainly doesn't have any market value.
Do not throw it away!
It may still have perfectly good components inside, that can be used in other little projects I create, or used for other repairs, instead of being lost forever as a very harmful waste in a landfill. Give me a call and I will gladly collect it!
0466 544 068
Laptop Computer Icon
Tablet Icon
Partially dismantled laptop computer
So, your Laptop seems to be dead… It doesn’t power-up, doesn’t charge, doesn’t display any lights.
No activity at all… It’s dead.       Or… is it?

In most cases laptops don’t commit suicide just because they have had enough! Surely, they may be sick, even very sick, but they can be cured! And often, they want to work very much – just need a chance!
It may be something as trivial as a long-ago-dried droplet of liquid in the wrong spot, broken wire, or a dusty and clogged fan outlet. And then again, it may be something else - much more complicated - often as a result of the ignored initial trivial fault.
I can help you to bring your Laptops back to their former glory.
Dirty computer fan
> Usually, the first reason the Laptops develop faults is their overheating. All their internal elements are
packed close together in a confined space. They work as hard as their Desktop Computers’ cousins and most of them produce heat. Some – a lot of heat! This creates components fatigue and premature malfunction.
Without any open spaces to cool down, they rely solely on the forced ventilation by the internal fan (or fans).
At the same time, we use them in all sorts of environments – dusty, hot and humid areas, dirty workshops, out in the breezy open and sometimes even at the beach. The fans suck-up the air from the outside and into the Laptop... together with anything that’s in it. Dust, salt, hair, droplets of oils and moisture, small bugs…
Over the time it accumulates on the components, outlets’ grills and fans, slowly but surely limiting the airflow and cooling.
The best remedy is a regular maintenance, servicing and cleaning. I recommend it to be done at least once a year. As it usually involves opening of your machine and at least partially dismantling it, it’s best left to the professionals.
However, I can help you do it..
> Most manufacturers, looking for the lowest production cost, design Laptops screens’ hinges to be fastened
straight to the fragile plastic chassis.
With daily usage, opening and closing computer’s screen numerous times, it is inevitable that the small screws holding the solid hinges will loosen-up or brake from their cradles altogether. Not even mentioning accidents.
Not only it is annoying and ruins machine’s appearance (along with its value), but in many cases can cause further damage to the components nearby. Usually it affects charging ports, Wi-Fi antennas, screen connections and screens themselves.
I can help you repair broken hinges cheaply and solidly! And they often end up much stronger than new!
Picture of Laptop's Broken Hinge
Closeup picture of a motherboard chip
> When your machine runs into a real trouble, it calls for a more in-depth repair.
No powering, no charging, no activity. Don't despair!
Sometimes, in very rare situations, it might not be repairable it or the repair may NOT be economically viable.
But I am here to help! Being the specialist in the circuit boards repairs in the past, including Laptops, I can help you find and replace the faulty component(s) and bring your computer back to life.
0466 544 068
> Some people, to stay on top of the game, upgrade their devices as soon as the newer version hits the market.
Over the time, they accumulate an array of older, unused devices that just take-up the space in the drawer, gathering dust and deteriorating in value.
If you have old, unused phones or tablets (working or not) I would like to hear from you. They may still be perfectly usable for less fortunate people or at least for parts. Don’t let them go to waste!
Recycle old electronics!
Wet mobile phones
JUST TRY THIS NUMBER: 0466 544 068

Picture of computer Power Supply
Picture of a computer D-Link router
Picture of a computer Linksys router
Picture of laptop Power Supply
>  Industrial and domestic Power Supplies, audio-video Remote
Controls and vehicle Remote Controls, Routers and Hubs, Controller Boards for various commercial and domestic machines (SPAs, Air Conditioners, Food Processing Equipment, Specialised medical and beauty machines) – they are just the examples of things that can be repaired.
And remember! If you have an old device (working or not) that you
don’t use anymore – I will gladly collect it.
Help me stopping pollution! Recycle old electronics!
Picture of a car key with remote control
Picture of a SONY TV remote control
JUST CALL ME ON 0466 544 068
Picture of an old PYE transistor Radio
Picture of old Minerva transistor radio
Picture of a restored old radio unit
Picture of an old vacuum tube radio ready for restoration
Picture of the old volt and ampmeters
Picture of the old army Gaiger meter
Picture of an old vacuum tube oscilloscope
Picture of an old Tectronix vacuum tube oscilloscope
> If you have an old device, a piece of history, it may be worthwhile to
bring it back to life and its former glory.
If it's a vintage radio, old testing equipment or anything electronic you want restored, I can help!
During the process of restoration, I can help you with:
  • Replacing every electrolytic/paper/wax capacitor with top quality modern substitute,
  • Checking every other component and replacing each faulty/problematic part (including vacuum tubes) with modern top quality substitute,
  • Checking all wiring and replacing as necessary,
  • Checking/ installing (if missing) power safety devices (such as fuses and EMI/RFI suppression capacitors),
  • Re-calibrating all radio frequencies (if applicable),
  • I can help restoring the chassis too (if you wish).
GIVE ME A CALL ON 0466 544 068
Hobby Electronics Repairs
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Hobby Electronics Repairs
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